Thursday, May 2, 2019

Final Week of HUM-100 and MAT-136 and 2019Q1 NCL,

For MAT-136, I ended with an A (966/1000), and for HUM-100, I ended with an A- (912.47 / 1000).

HUM-100 sucked, as I anticipated, and I am not looking forward to HUM-200. I would have made a lower grade but I decided to be honest instead of writing what the teacher probably wanted to hear. I learned nothing from the class, except further my disdain of the class and the related fields.

All of the "iamverysmart" jokes aside, this class would have been better suited for an early elementary school student, as it seemed to be almost an introduction to critical thinking, if even that. You had to think, minimally, about topics. The only reason I didn't get a perfect score was because my teacher probably skimmed one of my topics and thought when I write "Free Open Source Software" that I meant actual software and not the ethical movement, and my final paper was a very skimmed down scathing review of the class. "What, in this class, did you learn? What, in this class, taught you this?" etc. etc. The last time I lied and pretend that I had some great awakening, I overdid it and someone thought I just woke up for the first time in my life. I'm not a fan of people thinking I'm an absolute idiot, it just doesn't sit well with me.

MAT-136 was a different story. It was really easy, straight forward, etc. But I learned a lot, and I learned outside of the scope of the class. I took too many notes and I didn't learn 100% of everything, as dictated by my 83% grade on my exam. However, it's possible that part of that was due to losing a family member this weekend. Although, I might not have made more than an 83%. They allowed me for to take the exam, then retry all the questions that I missed, THEN I could retake the exam again, retry any questions I missed, and the highest score is what I would keep. I only took the exam once, with no retries because I didn't agree with this type of hand-holding. What would I learn? Nothing.

I took part in the NCL , as mentioned in the title, and I did okay. I made it in gold during the preseason (376 / 4479) with an 82.1% completion. During the individual game I ranked (374/3606 overall) and (285/520 gold-only) with a 68.6% completion. Sadly, I ran into problems during the individual game and only was able to play for the first day. I feel I would have ranked higher had I been able to spend the rest of the weekend working at it. Then with one of the groups formed in cybersnhupers, we were 74 out of 672 teams, with 87.4% completion. Although, I wasn't able to participate as this happened right when I was informed about my grandmother's passing, I couldn't think straight, and we were prepping for the funeral. They did a really good job without me.

Other things.

My Japanese is at a stand still. I don't have much of an excuse why, but I do recap over what I have learned so far...So, I don't lose anything.

My thinkpad doesn't have coreboot on it, I bought the wrong CH341A and it could fry the chip. So, I'm stuck trying to figure out how to work on this. Although, right now I am formatting it and putting on a LUKS-LVM install of gentoo, encrypted with dm-crypt with settings so strict that it would make the NSA sweat. I'm following Sakiki's guide, but I keep running into problems... This is my 4th attempt so far. Hopefully my final attempt. If I don't have it setup by tomorrow, I'm going to just install a normal gentoo install and I'll deal with it when I get my next week-long break...Which I think is in the Fall.

I start MAT-140 (precal) and CS-200 (intro to computer science) next week. The CS-200 class should go swimmingly, I don't know what to expect with MAT-140...But I hope I learn a lot.

Also, I refreshed my GPG public key for until next year. The fingerprint is 64C9 8D07 E454 D693 9381.

I haven't started learning haskell yet, really. I given a little reading, but I haven't done much with it.
The current order of things I have planned is:
LaTeX (which I am pretty much good to go on, but still feel weird using.) -> Perl -> Haskell -> C/C++
People might think it's weird that I put "C/C++" but I'm noticing that a lot of jobs I'm interested in really want a C++ programmer, so I might need to use that. I may also not learn Haskell until later. Maybe I'll put it off until I'm working on my graduates degree. Who knows?

So, now that's pretty much all the updates I have. I will hopefully have another update after my next classes are over. Maybe sooner, but probably not.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Final Week of ENG-123 and IDS-100

Frankly, I did not enjoy these classes. They were writing heavy, I learned very little, and I had to lie or I wouldn't have been able to make good grades. It's funny that I hate writing but I don't mind writing this up.

IDS-100 was obnoxious. The positive side is that I'm leaving with a GPA of 4.0 since it's not hard, it's just tedious and miserable. The big thing here was the lenses. We focused on only four lenses: ["Social Science", "Humanities", "Natural Science", and "Historic"] and it was the main point of the class. To learn to look at things from different angles. I would normally not have a gripe for this, it's a reasonable thing to attempt to learn. The problem is when you go into a class where you already know the topic because you self studied a lot. I felt really bad because I kept trying to not be rude or mean to people.

ENG-123 was strict, I'm pretty sure I'm leaving the class with a GPA of like 3.5 or 3.6, depending on how my teacher decides to judge my reflections that I desparately wish to be honest with. There's nothing big here to really share here, except that I wrote a 6 page paper on why Apache is better than Tux. Don't laugh. I might share it, who knows. It wasn't particularly good or informative.

Pro-tip: If you go into college: Don't self-study until you're actually in the class. Otherwise, you probably won't have much to talk about and it will probably negatively impact your grades. (Only if you have an online class and you're doing discussions posts.)

Now outside of college. All I've got done is:

* 14 Words left for Genki 1, Chapter 1 vocabulary words
* Genki 1, Chapter 1 Read

Notes: I'm just recapping, very slowly. I hate how slowly.

I have done very little programming. All I've done is write a couple of small scripts to make some things easier for myself, but nothing particularly interesting. I've been looking into learning Haskell, since my major is mathematics and that seems to be the language of choice for people who are learning mathematics.

Ok that's all. I need to do other things and I don't have all that much to share.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Final week of ENG-122 and SNHU-107

I just sent in my final thesis for English and wrapped up the rest of my class work. It was pretty easy but really tedious. I have ended the class with a 4.0 GPA. (Although, I need my final to be graded. But even if I make a mediocre score, I will still have over a 3.8)

As for my other stuff. I took part in the squarectf2018 with my club, cybersnhupers, and I made some loosely made write up. [SPOILERS | LINK TO WRITE UP] Something I need to do is learn how to make a proper write up, because it's mostly just notes I was keeping and I ended up losing a section of the notes.  Overall, it was still a really good experience. I'll be participating with my club in the NCL Spring 2019 event and I look forward to learning a lot from that. On top of that, I'm keeping an eye out for my local 2600. It look light on activity, but I think there are some people around.

Unrelated to college, I've been using qutebrowser instead of Firefox and I've been learning to use vim. I'm not perfect at it, but I'm getting more comfortable with it. After I am completely comfortable with vim, I plan to start learning to use groff and/or LaTeX for my school papers. I'd really like to get away from using LibreOffice, which is my current replacement for MS Word. Although, I will still have to use LibreOffice for some things.

On Lainchan, I tried to refactor install.php because I'm ridiculous. It didn't work out. I'm planning on coming back to Lainchan's code base and trying to help fix it up. We've got a lot of work that needs to be done, some of which I'm not sure about. I think it would be nice to try my hand at creating an imageboard from scratch and layering it in with lainchan. Although, that will take some time just to get started on. I need to write more code and develop a better grasp on some topics.

At least, now I have a two week break from college that I can spend calming down, reading, and trying to work on a project. Oh, and I need to go over my time management strategies...Because right now, I just go with the flow and it's very inefficient. I was trying not to do that, but I couldn't help it. So, I may need to be a little more rigid with how I do things.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I started college

I'm officially enrolled and my first classes start on October 29th. I'll be just taking English Composition I and the "SNHU-107" class.

I'm enrolled in for two bachelor's degrees, a BA in Mathematics and a BS in Computer Science.  I know I have ripped on the Computer Science degree meme a lot in the past, but I am going in order to fill in foundation gaps. Picking up theory, vocabulary words, and maybe a few skill points is the goal for the BS.CSC. After this, I'll be pursuing a Masters in Data Analytics.  I should have it all wrapped up by mid-2024 or so. It takes 3 years for the first degree, a little under a year for my second, and the Masters should take 36 credits or so... Which is actually just one year, but I think they do the courses timings differently for the graduates degrees.

I also joined the hacking club called Cyber League, they participate in NCL (National Cyber League) which is pretty cool. It's mostly a hobby for me, but it's been pretty awesome and so far everyone I've met in the club is nice. I'll probably be participating in ncl in January, because I missed the sign up date. That's probably a good thing, because all of the planning and setting things up has taken a lot of time out of me.

This is all going to be pretty cool.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

What I use

Last update: Feb. 28, 2019

Operating System:
 GNU/Linux (Gentoo)

Window Manager:
 dwm + dmenu


Web Browser:

Image Manipulation:

Image Viewer:

Video Player:

Music Player:

 erc-tls, (weeChat for Slack)

  vim, emacs-nox


Laptop (Thinkpad T420)

Raspberry Pi Beowulf Cluster