Wednesday, July 12, 2017

113 days later.

# edu 

Remember that online open-source bootcamp for "Full Stack Development"? Well, I've been doing it a lot. I have 2 more projects to complete in the 'Advanced Front End Development Projects' section and I'll have my front end dev cert.  Which only 5,870 have earned, according to their website.

Next topic will be Data Visualization, which will be fun. Apparently, only 782 people have earned the Data Visualization cert, which is odd to me, but I guess it shows how much effort and time these certs take to earn.

I've been updating my github, here, with my projects and it's made me feel pretty decent about
myself. Ironically, I haven't really done a lot of front-end design, it's mostly just making things function. But that's ok, bootstrap exists. :P

I also have been trying to get back into Japanese, someone helped me out with a lesson plan that could get me to at least pass the JLPT1 which I'd like to have and be able to do. I don't have much progress to report on that. Hopefully I will on my next update.

Side note: I remember a lot of the Japanese that I did learn, mostly the kana, but that's pretty cool that I don't need to completely start over.

# exercise 

I did a lot of push ups and sit ups for about 1.5 months, then I completely stopped. I've been getting back into this as well, I only bother bringing it up because I've got some catching up to do. I can't smoothly do 15 pull ups like before, so I'm back at 5 each. I don't do them every day, but I've been doing the Radio Taiso Workout every morning.

I also changed my diet up a bit, I've been drinking less alcohol, eating less sodium, I drink lots of tea without any sugar, and I've been working towards a Japanese diet, since it's so ridiculously healthy. I'm already doing well physically since it's been changed a few weeks ago.

# money

I try to find time to do a little bit of work on mTurk and GPT sites, but I haven't reinstalled a virtual machine for the GPT sites.. and i rarely have time for mTurk.

Hopefully with the completion of the certificates, I will be able to get a reliable form of income and do stuff I enjoy.

I've also been doing a little investing in the stockmarket via the RobinhoodApp, and I've been doing well. It's oddly really fun.

# Other 

We rescued an abandoned kitten back on 4/23, and kept him. His name Illidan Stormrage, we were not prepared. He was born on 4/20/2017 and was probably abandoned because he is the runt of the litter.  Illi is a cool cat. That's all.

 So, that's all the updates really. I'll hopefully have more updates on the next post.

- Kashire

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