Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2 months later update

So, updates.

First, the book. "Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" is still unfinished. I'm like 3 chapters in, though. I just rarely have time to do anything.

My life has been almost exclusively making money by doing odd jobs through mTurk, maintaining a growing phone farm, and learning.

So, first thing: Money

I've been making money (which I will elaborate more on soonish, it's 4am and I need to go to bed, I just felt like typing this up) via mTurk and something called GPT sites, which.. man. After I get a little more research into, I might dedicate a little "series" to it, because I'm really interested in them.

I don't make much (yet), but I have made a little bit of money, so it's pretty nice feeling.

I'm still running some sites, but I still can't go over that just yet. It's a very slow process and I don't want to post incomplete data. But mTurk is pretty reliable, I made about $80 so far..and I think it's practically livable if I really put the effort. (Although, I also got a LOT of scripts for it.)

Second thing, Phone Farm, this pairs with the money-topic, but it's loosely related to GPT, once again I will go into detail with how I'm running it, specs, and various other things. Like I said, I want to have some proof before I go saying "yeah dude i am making money from this" because frankly, it
seems almost too good to be true.

Third thing, Learning -- I know I keep jumping around. I'm having a hard time though.

I had to drop SICP because I ran into a lot of issues, switched to CSx50, which i was like 40% through.. and now I switched to some online open-source bootcamp for "Full Stack Development" but this gives a certificate and is recognized as an acceptable form of an education.. So, I feel like it might not be too bad for me to do..

It's been really, really easy. I've only been doing it on weekdays, since weekends are a pain to get in the groove of things due to being constantly interrupted.. But I've completed almost 100 hours of the course, which is pretty close to the first certificate (front-end)... Now, I'm not expecting to come out as a pro designer, but hey, at least I'll be able to function in that area now.

Fourth thing, Exercise -- I won't cover this much, but I've been consistently exercising for about a month or so now, daily. (Ok, not daily, I had to skip the last two days, apparently my body has limits and when i hit those limits, i need a 2-day recovery time.)

But I've been training towards PT. (Conditioning and Strength) -- Nothing crazy, but my goals are to be capable of passing the PT exam in the military, I think I wrote this before here (possibly) but no I'm not getting into the military, I just see it as a good route to go.

I'm also looking to put in some form of flexibility training, some form of martial arts, and learning how to do "parkour" not because I want to be a jackass, but because it seems like a good place to be, fitness-wise. 

Fifth thing, Moving -- Still no dice :( It's proving to be really, really difficult to make this happen. Might be another couple of months, there is a lot of nuances to it. 

Well, that is all for now.. and i realize this sounds like a diary entry. Oh well.

cheers to the people who read this blog.

- kashire

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