Monday, December 19, 2016

Web programming

So, it looks like I am going to be getting back into that. I even redesigned/coded my website. I'll probably screw around with python + django and look into making a wordpress theme or plugin and re-familiarize myself with those 10 algorithms...and I think that's all I'm missing. 

I set up a development computer with my raspberry pi B+ the other day, so I can put it to use for something.

If you know anybody that needs some solid back-end programmer to work remotely, hit me up. I can learn a new system in like a day or two and a new language in like half.

Anyways, it was really fun screwing with my website. It actually looks a lot like my terminal. 
Which I thought is both cool and shocking, considering that I didn't do this earlier. I even learned a little from the project. For example, I had forgotten that CSS is a massive pain and being just 1 pixel off will throw the whole thing over the edge. I also remembered that while php is horrifying, it's also extremely easy to work with.

Thankfully, minimalist css is both easy to maintain/create and the best route to go.

Oh, I just realized I deleted a very good projected that I was hosting on my website. Hopefully, I have it backed up somewhere... Because it's a really good example of my ability to use an API, set up a cronjob for a script I wrote, and gather and parse data over a long period of time. Actually, maybe I will do again anyways for something else. It will be fun.

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