Saturday, December 17, 2016

Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello, I'm Ashton "Kashire" Harding. Here is an excerpt from my IRL character sheet:

        Spells & Abilities
Name:AshtonPython 2 - PHP - Javascript Python 3
Bdate:12/23/1991BASH - Pascal - Zsh - Common Lisp
Alignment:Chaotic NeutralBluehost - SSH - Wordpress - Automation

Let's gloss over my stat sheet though, every stat is a dump stat.

Here some random facts (I know, I know... OPSEC, but it's ok.):

  • I'm an admin for a cyberpunk imageboard, called lainchan.
  • "Kashire" is when I misheard a Khajiit in Morrowind and thought it was cool.
  • I earned the title "earl of Cyb" on the lainchan IRC. (Kashire, earl of Cyb)
  • I've created a social network from scratch, on my own. I'll probably make it open source and list it on github. (eventually)
  • Speaking of github, here's mine: LINK
  • I'm a high school drop out.
  • I got my GED after ~4 years into being a NEET (Took the exam without studying or sleeping)
  • I was in college for Computer Science and dropped out...twice. (For good reasons, the second school was a scam school, I realized it 12 weeks in.)
  • I got married in April 2016 (Originally planned for the 1st, so I had an exit strat just in case)

The purpose of this blog is to document the things I do, learn, and try out. I'll probably keep the subject matter to follow three main ideas:

  • Programming
  • Weather
  • Learning

The reason I selected programming as one of the main ideas is that it's one of the few passions I have kept since I was a kid in the single digits. When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I had actually tried to create a social network out of folders and .txt files on the computer I shared with my siblings. It even had a bulletin board to keep everyone updated on whatever they wanted to update each other on. It was honestly terrible and I'm the only one that "used" it. Anyways, I'll be covering topics like jobs, maybe share some code to a problem I solved, or just share some random comments about why php is a mortifying mess, Java gives me hives, and Javascript is like a bag of infinite crap with a fire that relights itself.

The reason I mention weather is that I have a severe case of Lilapsophobia (a fear of Tornadoes). Technically, it goes further than that....but basically, I'm extremely terrified of extreme weather. However, this has come with some form of good, I've learned some basics about meteorology and I've tracked several major storms, hurricanes / tornado outbreaks and even a few bad hail storms. So, I guess you could say there is passion for weather, since it pretty much controls my lifestyle.

The third area, learning, is probably important to share. It will technically also be related to programming and weather, but other things as well. For example, I'm trying to learn how to build a blog (not this one!) from having zero interest to having page 1 on google, and helping a lot of people. Basially, SEO. Not because I want to be good at SEO or have a job at all involving SEO, I just think it's cool that I can use SEO to help solve people's problems. (hint: I want a job as a programmer, if you're reading this and I applied for a position at your place. )

Anyways, I think that's enough for an introductory blog post. Let's hope I can actually keep this one going!

~ Ashton

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