Wednesday, July 12, 2017

113 days later.

# edu 

Remember that online open-source bootcamp for "Full Stack Development"? Well, I've been doing it a lot. I have 2 more projects to complete in the 'Advanced Front End Development Projects' section and I'll have my front end dev cert.  Which only 5,870 have earned, according to their website.

Next topic will be Data Visualization, which will be fun. Apparently, only 782 people have earned the Data Visualization cert, which is odd to me, but I guess it shows how much effort and time these certs take to earn.

I've been updating my github, here, with my projects and it's made me feel pretty decent about
myself. Ironically, I haven't really done a lot of front-end design, it's mostly just making things function. But that's ok, bootstrap exists. :P

I also have been trying to get back into Japanese, someone helped me out with a lesson plan that could get me to at least pass the JLPT1 which I'd like to have and be able to do. I don't have much progress to report on that. Hopefully I will on my next update.

Side note: I remember a lot of the Japanese that I did learn, mostly the kana, but that's pretty cool that I don't need to completely start over.

# exercise 

I did a lot of push ups and sit ups for about 1.5 months, then I completely stopped. I've been getting back into this as well, I only bother bringing it up because I've got some catching up to do. I can't smoothly do 15 pull ups like before, so I'm back at 5 each. I don't do them every day, but I've been doing the Radio Taiso Workout every morning.

I also changed my diet up a bit, I've been drinking less alcohol, eating less sodium, I drink lots of tea without any sugar, and I've been working towards a Japanese diet, since it's so ridiculously healthy. I'm already doing well physically since it's been changed a few weeks ago.

# money

I try to find time to do a little bit of work on mTurk and GPT sites, but I haven't reinstalled a virtual machine for the GPT sites.. and i rarely have time for mTurk.

Hopefully with the completion of the certificates, I will be able to get a reliable form of income and do stuff I enjoy.

I've also been doing a little investing in the stockmarket via the RobinhoodApp, and I've been doing well. It's oddly really fun.

# Other 

We rescued an abandoned kitten back on 4/23, and kept him. His name Illidan Stormrage, we were not prepared. He was born on 4/20/2017 and was probably abandoned because he is the runt of the litter.  Illi is a cool cat. That's all.

 So, that's all the updates really. I'll hopefully have more updates on the next post.

- Kashire

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2 months later update

So, updates.

First, the book. "Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" is still unfinished. I'm like 3 chapters in, though. I just rarely have time to do anything.

My life has been almost exclusively making money by doing odd jobs through mTurk, maintaining a growing phone farm, and learning.

So, first thing: Money

I've been making money (which I will elaborate more on soonish, it's 4am and I need to go to bed, I just felt like typing this up) via mTurk and something called GPT sites, which.. man. After I get a little more research into, I might dedicate a little "series" to it, because I'm really interested in them.

I don't make much (yet), but I have made a little bit of money, so it's pretty nice feeling.

I'm still running some sites, but I still can't go over that just yet. It's a very slow process and I don't want to post incomplete data. But mTurk is pretty reliable, I made about $80 so far..and I think it's practically livable if I really put the effort. (Although, I also got a LOT of scripts for it.)

Second thing, Phone Farm, this pairs with the money-topic, but it's loosely related to GPT, once again I will go into detail with how I'm running it, specs, and various other things. Like I said, I want to have some proof before I go saying "yeah dude i am making money from this" because frankly, it
seems almost too good to be true.

Third thing, Learning -- I know I keep jumping around. I'm having a hard time though.

I had to drop SICP because I ran into a lot of issues, switched to CSx50, which i was like 40% through.. and now I switched to some online open-source bootcamp for "Full Stack Development" but this gives a certificate and is recognized as an acceptable form of an education.. So, I feel like it might not be too bad for me to do..

It's been really, really easy. I've only been doing it on weekdays, since weekends are a pain to get in the groove of things due to being constantly interrupted.. But I've completed almost 100 hours of the course, which is pretty close to the first certificate (front-end)... Now, I'm not expecting to come out as a pro designer, but hey, at least I'll be able to function in that area now.

Fourth thing, Exercise -- I won't cover this much, but I've been consistently exercising for about a month or so now, daily. (Ok, not daily, I had to skip the last two days, apparently my body has limits and when i hit those limits, i need a 2-day recovery time.)

But I've been training towards PT. (Conditioning and Strength) -- Nothing crazy, but my goals are to be capable of passing the PT exam in the military, I think I wrote this before here (possibly) but no I'm not getting into the military, I just see it as a good route to go.

I'm also looking to put in some form of flexibility training, some form of martial arts, and learning how to do "parkour" not because I want to be a jackass, but because it seems like a good place to be, fitness-wise. 

Fifth thing, Moving -- Still no dice :( It's proving to be really, really difficult to make this happen. Might be another couple of months, there is a lot of nuances to it. 

Well, that is all for now.. and i realize this sounds like a diary entry. Oh well.

cheers to the people who read this blog.

- kashire

Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year / 2017 ed.

Before I write anything else.... In order to be as secure as possible, I've been using LastPass with an undisclosed email address. It's surprisingly easy to score that high, so I worry that a lot of people who use lastPass have shoddy security protocols that they use... (Also, this is not a sponsored mention, by the way, I just wanted to low-key brag about my score and share that thought.)

My latest updates on my goals/missions.

So, I've been slacking in the "writing code" department... But I had got a few books for Christmas and bought a few more with some of that birthday money. I've been trying to read before I go to sleep, because it's less staring a screen and dropping the ball trying to fall asleep in under 3 hours. So, maybe it's ok that I've been slacking on writing code because I'm still working on problem solving and expanding my grasp on other topics.

Speaking of reading, I dropped K&R: C temporarily, but I replaced it with a statistics book that (so far) seems to mostly just be reaffirming preconceived notions about statistics. I'm only the first chapter or so in, so I'm hoping things change up. The book is called "Black Swan The Impact of the Highly Improbable". After I clear it, I think I will go back to K&R's C or get started on ANSI Common LISP, considering Lisp is life.

Sadly, my RaspberryPi hasn't really gone anywhere lately, I haven't even turned it on in a while. My time has been pushed into basically trying to learn and not really able to apply much of anything. I'm maintaining these websites that hopefully turn into something actually useful, so I spend an extreme amount of time trying to figure out how to boost any potential metrics.

I'm really annoyed with real life stuff at the moment. We can't move for another month or two, at least. It's technically fine, but my interaction with inclement weather has been pretty terrible. Last week we had this storm that we got lucky with, but I stayed up all night/day and spent 6 hours crouching in the bathtub, monitoring the radar, alerts, and even the lightning. (Of course, the storm only started dropping tornadoes after it was ~100 miles away from me.) Pathetic, but it helped me build the logic of a script/program I want to create.

One nap, warm meal, {search engine queries}, and a coffee later -- I find out that our NWS forces people to pay money to use their data.... Which makes sense, it's just pretty messed up when you consider that those warnings save lives. It made me want to punch a hole through our sometimes  frustrating system. Good news though, a fellow hobbyist meteorologist actually gave me some free data. I'm not sure if it's better or worse, but it's definitely nicer than having to pay several thousands of dollars I don't have, per month.

I think that's enough for today. I have some stuff to do and realized it's 13:37 :^)

- kashire

Monday, December 19, 2016

Web programming

So, it looks like I am going to be getting back into that. I even redesigned/coded my website. I'll probably screw around with python + django and look into making a wordpress theme or plugin and re-familiarize myself with those 10 algorithms...and I think that's all I'm missing. 

I set up a development computer with my raspberry pi B+ the other day, so I can put it to use for something.

If you know anybody that needs some solid back-end programmer to work remotely, hit me up. I can learn a new system in like a day or two and a new language in like half.

Anyways, it was really fun screwing with my website. It actually looks a lot like my terminal. 
Which I thought is both cool and shocking, considering that I didn't do this earlier. I even learned a little from the project. For example, I had forgotten that CSS is a massive pain and being just 1 pixel off will throw the whole thing over the edge. I also remembered that while php is horrifying, it's also extremely easy to work with.

Thankfully, minimalist css is both easy to maintain/create and the best route to go.

Oh, I just realized I deleted a very good projected that I was hosting on my website. Hopefully, I have it backed up somewhere... Because it's a really good example of my ability to use an API, set up a cronjob for a script I wrote, and gather and parse data over a long period of time. Actually, maybe I will do again anyways for something else. It will be fun.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello, I'm Ashton "Kashire" Harding. Here is an excerpt from my IRL character sheet:

        Spells & Abilities
Name:AshtonPython 2 - PHP - Javascript Python 3
Bdate:12/23/1991BASH - Pascal - Zsh - Common Lisp
Alignment:Chaotic NeutralBluehost - SSH - Wordpress - Automation

Let's gloss over my stat sheet though, every stat is a dump stat.

Here some random facts (I know, I know... OPSEC, but it's ok.):

  • I'm an admin for a cyberpunk imageboard, called lainchan.
  • "Kashire" is when I misheard a Khajiit in Morrowind and thought it was cool.
  • I earned the title "earl of Cyb" on the lainchan IRC. (Kashire, earl of Cyb)
  • I've created a social network from scratch, on my own. I'll probably make it open source and list it on github. (eventually)
  • Speaking of github, here's mine: LINK
  • I'm a high school drop out.
  • I got my GED after ~4 years into being a NEET (Took the exam without studying or sleeping)
  • I was in college for Computer Science and dropped out...twice. (For good reasons, the second school was a scam school, I realized it 12 weeks in.)
  • I got married in April 2016 (Originally planned for the 1st, so I had an exit strat just in case)

The purpose of this blog is to document the things I do, learn, and try out. I'll probably keep the subject matter to follow three main ideas:

  • Programming
  • Weather
  • Learning

The reason I selected programming as one of the main ideas is that it's one of the few passions I have kept since I was a kid in the single digits. When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I had actually tried to create a social network out of folders and .txt files on the computer I shared with my siblings. It even had a bulletin board to keep everyone updated on whatever they wanted to update each other on. It was honestly terrible and I'm the only one that "used" it. Anyways, I'll be covering topics like jobs, maybe share some code to a problem I solved, or just share some random comments about why php is a mortifying mess, Java gives me hives, and Javascript is like a bag of infinite crap with a fire that relights itself.

The reason I mention weather is that I have a severe case of Lilapsophobia (a fear of Tornadoes). Technically, it goes further than that....but basically, I'm extremely terrified of extreme weather. However, this has come with some form of good, I've learned some basics about meteorology and I've tracked several major storms, hurricanes / tornado outbreaks and even a few bad hail storms. So, I guess you could say there is passion for weather, since it pretty much controls my lifestyle.

The third area, learning, is probably important to share. It will technically also be related to programming and weather, but other things as well. For example, I'm trying to learn how to build a blog (not this one!) from having zero interest to having page 1 on google, and helping a lot of people. Basially, SEO. Not because I want to be good at SEO or have a job at all involving SEO, I just think it's cool that I can use SEO to help solve people's problems. (hint: I want a job as a programmer, if you're reading this and I applied for a position at your place. )

Anyways, I think that's enough for an introductory blog post. Let's hope I can actually keep this one going!

~ Ashton